Research Scholarships For International Students And Researchers

Boston Başkonsolosluğu 10.10.2013

The Republic of Turkey will provide research scholarships for international students and researchers within the scope of Türkiye Scholarship Program. Those who are Turkish citizen or Turkish citizens hold dual citizenship are not permitted to apply.

Principles and conditions are as follows according to Research Scholarships:

1. Research Scholarships are only available for international students and researchers.

2.Research candidates are required to get an acceptance from a university that they plan to do their research by themselves. Candidates will not be placed in a university by Türkiye Scholarships.

3.There will be no Turkish or other language preparation course for research candidates. Thus, research candidates are required to know the language of the research program and get acceptance according to this condition from the university.

4.Research candidates required having PhD degree or being in thesis writng process.

5.Those who were born no earlier than 01.01.1968 can apply to the 2013 research scholarships.

6.Duration of the research scholarships is 3 to 12 months.

7. Research scholarship holders will get monthly allowance as Ph.D. students (1.000 TL, appr. 500 $ per month)

8.Scholarship holders obliged to write an article on their research subject at the end of their research program.

9.Candidates meet these conditions should fill the application form provided on the website,, attach required documents mentioned in the form and send their applications to e-mail adress until 31th October 2013 at the latest. Acceptance letter which candidate required to get from the university must be in the application documents.

10.Candidates will be informed following the evaluation process and acceptance letter of the scholarship will be sent to successful candidates. Subsequently, candidates need to apply to Turkish Embassies or Consulates for visa, signing scholarship contract and approval of their documents.

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